Walking with You


Care, comfort and compassion during life's journey and ending.

My name is Linda and I am an end of life doula or consultant.

The word ‘doula‘ comes from Greek and means a female servant. It is usually associated with a non-medical person who supports a woman through the process of giving birth - a time of transition as a new baby takes their first breath. Likewise, an End of Life Doula (also known as a Death Doula) is a non-medical person who supports a person and family members as death draws near - another time of transition as a loved one takes their last breath.  

In our modern culture, death is a subject that many of us find painful and simpler to ignore. Yet it is the one certainty in life. Supporting a dying person while dealing with practicalities and  managing your own emotions can be confusing and confronting. As an end of life doula there are many ways I can help everybody to prepare and to make the journey easier for all concerned. My service is tailored to you and your family's needs.  

I provide support, options and education to assist the dying person, and their friends and family, so that their end of life unfolds in the way they want. Even when we know a loved one is dying and think we have prepared for it, there is still a tremendous shock when the moment arrives. I can hold your hand, provide a shoulder to cry on or just listen.

My services are available in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains region and can include:

  • Assisting with legal documentation so that your wishes are clearly stated.
  • Helping to manage the everyday details of life so that you have time for the more important things. 
  • Providing you with information about choices you have for both before and after death.
  • Helping you to navigate available services as needs change.
  • Providing physical support e.g. meditation for pain management.
  • Contacting family and friends, and keeping them up to date.
  • Helping to heal any breaches or estrangements in relationships if wanted.
  • Supporting everybody involved emotionally and spiritually, or referring to appropriate specialists.
  • Grief counselling.
  • Walking with you on this journey.